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January 08, 2009


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S. Krishna

I can't think of anything, but this is a fun post!


Why thank you Swapna!


You, my dear, are a bit of an unreliable narrator. You take umbrage with ALL blondes, literary and otherwise. :)


It's funny you mention Eloise because I loathe Eloise. Spoiled, annoying, irritatingly precocious, feh. I always wanted to smack Eloise upside the head.


Bookwormette, it's not just blondes -- I'm jealous of redheads, too!

Carol, LOL re Eloise. She was so bad to Nanny, and I couldn't imagine treating someone kind so badly. I mean, all children love to be naughty -- that part I got. But why be ungrateful, too?


I despised Serena in Ron Rash's recent book of the same title. She was probably the most evil female character I have encountered in a long time.

A lot of characters merely annoy most of the female "stars" of Jodi Picoult's books. So unrealistic.


I really despised Chip in THE CORRECTIONS! I couldn't read on because he was just so wretched (and the characterization also, um, to save my critical chops, was caricature...). But I've also had students despise, beyond belief, Emma from EMMA!

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